The Miracle Of You

In the last few weeks and months I’ve heard people citing the odds that you were born. I guess it’s because Gary Vaynerchuk started talking about it that everyone is?

And here I am doing the same.

You don’t need to be a genius to know that the odds of you being here exactly as you are, are quite small.

I have heard people cite anything from 50 million to 400 billion to 400 trillion…in the last few days alone (I’m not kidding).

It’s the miracle of you.

Then I found this article that shared even more, boiling your probability of being born EXACTLY who you are (e.g the exact egg and sperm from your mother and father in their lineages, etc.) to:

1 in 10 to the 2,685,000 power.

That?  Is insane.

In this same infographic (check it out here), I learned that the number of atoms in the universe is estimated to be about 10 to the 80th power.

To help illustrate these odds a bit further, the article shared that it’s akin to everyone from San Diego (about 2 million people) getting together, each with a trillion sided dice, rolling the dice and getting the same number (such as, 500,643,235,699).


The moral of the story is clearly that you’re not only a survivor but your chances of being here are virtually next to nothing.

And then – you find yourself with this unspeakable connection to someone who perhaps a set of synchronicities placed on your path…

There is a magnetic draw.

What is that about?

If your odds of being here are 1 in 10 to the 2,685,000 power and their odds are the same …

At this precise moment in time…

And you meet?

I can’t do the math.

But it says something about that significant connection you have.

And it’s worth taking care of if it’s one that still pulls you.

I hear from well meaning people all over the globe who feel helpless making their relationship work with this other human, who have tried everything they can and have such a history and DO want to make it work, but are uncertain about what to do.

I encourage them to get third party help from someone who knows what they are doing (like an Emotionally Focused Couples Therapist – also miraculous), and I’m met with resistance.

“They won’t want to.”

“I’ve tried couples therapy before. It doesn’t work.” (You haven’t worked with the right person trained in the right way, I tell them.)



Blah blah blah.

People often prefer complaining and worrying over taking difficult action.

They prefer the devil they know over taking a risk and stepping into unknown territory.

I get it, I get caught there myself sometimes too.

But then I think about those odds.

And they make me want to throw everything I can at truly honoring whatever it is within me that decided to be here to do whatever I’m here to do and honor those connections with my fellow miracles around me, especially the ones to whom I’m closest.

The miracle of you gets even more miraculous when we start finding those connections in your life, and with each new generation brings even more miracles.

You’re such a miracle – and your connections are as well, so why do you tolerate less than stellar relationships?

With yourself and with others?

Why don’t you start valuing yourself, others and your unlikely connections more as the miracles we are all?

No one ever regrets taking care of THEMSELVES, a key component of which is taking care of your relationships.

After all, you’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. If those relationships are characterized by strain and stress, what are you doing?

Look in the mirror and look at each other and commit to making things right.

You will not go to your death regretting your attempts to create your best relationship possible, even if you do wind up divorced.

Read more about Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy HERE to honor your miraculous relationship. After reading more about this miraculous work, you’ll see how you can find someone trained in this method near you at the end of this post.

It works.

To your best relationship,


P.S. What are the odds of US meeting like this in cyberspace? Seriously!!  If you were looking for a sign or some help for your relationship, read this now, then find someone near you and pick up the phone.


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