Profit First In Your Relationship

Late last year I read Mike Michalowicz’s book: Profit First to help me manage finances better in my business (highly recommended if you run your own business).

At the beginning of the year, I started following part of his system:

  • Take a certain percentage of your income twice monthly and send it off to a separate savings account, just for profit
  • Take a certain percentage of income twice monthly and send it off to a separate savings account, just for taxes

I have been setting aside those funds regularly and feel good about this.

Could the money go elsewhere?

Yes, of course, the money could go a ton of other different places, but I’ve been diligent about this part of his system that I am following, and have been pleased with the results.

Stick with me here, this post isn’t about money.

It is, however, about riches.

It’s about you profiting in your relationship.

Mike Michalowicz’s book is a best seller and the Profit First system has saved countless businesses.

His system is so revolutionary yet so simple at the same time.

It’s about operating with intention by putting aside what’s vital for a business to survive (profit) before anything else.

For you to survive longer and be your best self as a human, you need strong relationships.

I want you to profit first in your relationship.


Not only because it feels good to have a deeply connected relationship (though that is reason enough!), but also because it’s ultimately good for you, your health and your work in the world.

(Countless studies on the benefits of strong relationships which range from the health of your body to your bank account exist.)

But I get it: You’re busy.

Busy couples come to me disconnected.

The currency of a strong relationship and thriving love is connection.

Profit first in your relationship by privileging your connection above anything else.

How do you do that?

Protect it, just like I’m protecting a percentage of cash in my business when it could go a million other places.

Your most precious personal assets, your energy and your time, are in high demand.

You have responsibilities.

People who need you.

A busy career and/or business.

Undoubtedly, that energy and time will be sucked out of you if you’re not careful about it.

Which is why you must allocate it FIRST to your relationship (and yes, your health too, but your relationship is part of that)!

So you do your self-care.

Very good. Hopefully, you do any number of the following:

You go to the gym, do yoga, meditate, take walks, lunch breaks…whatever you need to do.

My question for you:

Do you set aside time and energy for your connection with your significant other?

If you’re busy and finding yourself with no time together, this must be part of your plan if you wish to have a thriving relationship.

It’s worth making the investment not only to be happy in your relationship, but to be happy, healthy and successful for the long haul.

(By the way, in the longest running study on humans of all times, also known as The Grant Study, solid relationships were found to be the most important component to long, healthy, successful and happy lives. In fact, the quality and satisfaction of subjects’ relationships at age 50 was more predictive of their health at age 80 than their cholesterol levels at age 50).

What can you do to profit first in your relationship?

A weekly non-negotiable date night?


Every other weekly?

Morning walks together?

10 minutes a day of checking in and really seeing how the other person is doing no matter what?

It doesn’t have to involve huge gestures or overhaul your entire world.

Start small.

If it feels impossible, make a 1% change.

Start the shift.

And enjoy the results.

Let me know in the comments – how do you profit first in your relationship?

To your richest life and love,






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