You're smart and successful.

And you're ready for more.

Meaning. Depth. Quality of life. Fulfillment. Rich satisfaction. Harmony within yourself; harmony with others.

You don't buy into any kind of hype. Neither do I.

I'm not going to sprinkle fairy dust in your face and tell you to merely affirm your way to greatness (besides, we both know you're already pretty awesome).

The kind of transformational work that gets me excited is evidence based and researched. It’s been shown to make a difference in people’s lives, big time. And I’ve seen it work, over and over again.

In addition to using evidence based practices, I’m also a believer in Universal Principles and the necessity to connect to something greater than your egoic mind to get the kind of results and fulfillment you're looking for.

Consider me your partner in your potential.

I won’t give you business strategy or teach you what’s working on social media (I'm not sure what's working on social media anyway, and you probably have the strategy piece covered).

What I will do is provide you with the safest space in the world to let your many inner parts out and come together in a greater kind of harmony that will not only lead you to an unparalleled peace of mind, but also will heighten your creativity, spark your motivation, deepen your relationships and render you more grateful than ever to be given this opportunity to create practically anything you want in this lifetime.

You’ll take risks, shift perspectives, reap the rewards from stronger connections with others, create new habits, and enjoy (and create) accomplishments even more.

You'll notice the effects across all areas of your life, work and home, and will enjoy more inner and outer harmony as a result.

Why should you trust me?

I’ve been a licensed psychologist for over a decade and have worked with over 1,000 individuals and couples from all walks of life in group settings online and offline as a therapist and coach.

My experience as a coach draws from training in countless psychotherapy modalities (Emotionally Focused Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Schema Therapy, to name a few), experience with energy psychology and healing (I have been certified in the Rising Star Healing system, am a student of Spiritual Response Therapy and incorporate Emotional Freedom Technique in my work), and my lifelong personal obsession with personal growth and potential.

I have taught and trained Master’s students of psychology as an adjunct professor at institutions such as Marist College and The City College of New York, and have supervised doctoral candidates on their journey to become psychologists. I’ve also taught coaching students and supervised psychotherapists in the past as well.

All of this is to say I’ve been at this for awhile and I'll never quit.

I’m an explorer at heart and love journeying into inner space with some of the most impressive people I’ve met - brilliant and gifted people like you who trust me enough to let me in so we can shake up your world and THE WORLD together.

Ongoing support packages are available to clients who have gone through any of my private coaching packages, is that you?  Drop me a note and I’ll send you more info.