I'm Dr.

Jenev Caddell

I work with high performers, innovators and entrepreneurs to skyrocket their success by forging deeper and more meaningful relationships.

Many successful people buy into a dangerous myth that states it’s a weakness to rely on others. You should be able to meet your own needs. You are responsible for yourself, and no one else. “You must separate in order to elevate.”

Truth is, as social mammals, we are wired to connect. To be our best, and ironically our most independent and free, we must have safe and secure connections. We must integrate in order to elevate.

We now have a scientific understanding of relationships and a tested and proven roadmap that gives clear directions from distress to connection. We also have proof that only with strong relationships can we truly be our best.

It’s my goal to bring this cutting edge work to high performers, leaders and innovators like you. Sure, you’ll be happier, healthier and more fulfilled as a result, which will make me very happy.

Even more impressively…

You’ll be able to step even more into your genius and be that much more of a positive force for change in your business and in the world.

I’ve been forever obsessed with possibility and potential. Believing that the keys to unlocking our possibility and potential exist largely between our ears, I became a psychologist.

What I learned about psychology and self-actualization in graduate school was missing something, and what I believed about those keys to unlocking our potential existing solely between our ears was off too.

What I discovered through advanced training in one of the most cutting edge, research based and neuroscientifically proven approaches to psychotherapy that exists blew my mind:

Our mainstream understanding of the “self” is missing something big.

We are more than individuals, our very essence includes our connections, and we better take care of them if we ever want to reach our peak potential.

This wasn’t an easy pill to swallow for a recovering rugged individualist like me, yet all the science backs it up. I’ve been able to see firsthand the impact of deeper connections across all areas of life.

It’s now my mission to show high performers, innovators and achievers like you how to harness even greater success and fulfillment in their lives though the power of connection. Especially if you’re among those of us who, like I once did, might resist it the most…