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Being in love is your secret weapon in business.

If you are going around in circles with your partner, frustrated and disconnected, unable to communicate well and uncertain if you can have the relationship you truly desire, I am here to tell you:

There is hope for you.

A roadmap to a deeper connection and stronger relationship exists, and I want to show you what it is.

Developed by clinical psychologist, Dr. Sue Johnson, Emotionally Focused Therapy is a form of couples therapy based on the most cutting edge science behind love.

I am eager for this roadmap to be available to couples all over, not only so that you can finally be HAPPY together again, but so that we can change the world together by raising happier families who know how to get love right.

That’s why I wrote Your Best Love: The Couple’s Workbook and Guide to Their Best Relationship.

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How does your relationship measure up?

Take the quiz to find out, and learn what to do about it.


Dr. Jenev Caddell is a New Hampshire and New York Licensed Psychologist, a Certified Emotionally Focused Couple Therapist, and offers couples and individual therapy in her private office located at Millyard Technology Park – 10 Technology Way, Nashua, NH  03060.

Call or email for availability: (646) 704-3520

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Make Love Work

Be crazy in love again.
And wildly successful in business.
Because you can have it all.

Entrepreneurs face unique challenges in love. Relationships are hard enough, and then comes a new interest – that growing, powerful company you’ve created – and you’re forced to juggle the two (when both want your full attention).

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Revolutionize Your Love

How to Find and Enjoy True Love Even If You Think You Can't

Are you ready for REAL LOVE?

Is a small part of you resigned to the idea that true love is just not in the cards for this lifetime?

You’ve had one hell of a ride thus far. Relationships for you have not been what most people would call pleasant or enjoyable. Rather, they’ve been anything but.

To truly trust feels damn near impossible, but when you get those love goggles on…

You find yourself falling for the absolute wrong type of person for you.

Naturally, because you’re smart, resourceful and spiritually aligned, you’ve done your healing and personal work, you read The Work, and you’re ready for your other half to waltz into your life.

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