7 Tips on How to Lessen Stress Through a Successful Relationship

by Michele M. Anderson

Love has a particularly welcome role in relieving stress. A loving relationship can turn around a bad day. Love does wonderful things to a person’s state of mind, and it also offers some health benefits. Dr. Helen Fisher who studies neurohormonal phenomena at Rutgers University said that love has a long-lasting effect on a person’s well being.

Piles of research back Fisher’s claim up.

“What happens in the brain when you love someone is that there’s more activity in the ‘reward’ system,” said Dr. Fisher. “Your brain floods with dopamine, which gives you focus, energy, and optimism, and those things can all be good to counter stress.”

An article by Lottoland states that stress is unfortunately the underlying cause of between 75% and 90% of all clinic visits. The good thing is that you can lessen stress-related sicknesses and avoid unnecessary visits to the clinic by having a great relationship with your special someone.

Here are some tips on how you can work on your relationship in order to combat stress.

1. Mend issues immediately

Arguing with your significant other is normal and not necessarily destructive.

What can be destructive to your relationship, however, is not mending your issues with them immediately. This can lead to a build up in stress that can lead to further strains. Don’t take too long to discuss things with your partner after an argument. A successful relationship relies on good communication, so convey what you feel to your partner, and apologize when necessary.

2. Don’t be afraid to show affection

Affection doesn’t necessarily mean being cheesy and showing public displays of your love. Everyone has a unique way of showing their affection, and what’s important is that your partner feels it. “Pay attention and appreciate,” as previously advised in an article here on My Best Relationship. These 4 words can improve any relationship and combat stress.

3. Spend time with each other

No matter how busy you both are with work, don’t forget to de-stress by spending some alone time together. Discover things together by traveling to new places or doing an activity that you’ve always wanted to do. Enjoying each other’s company during the weekend can sometimes be enough to alleviate the stress that you’ve experienced during the weekdays.

4. Recommit everyday

Say yes to your partner every day. Commitment is a cognitive choice, according to a study published by Scribd. This means that being in a relationship and deciding to be happy is a choice that individuals can make. People who renew their commitment everyday to their significant other are positioning themselves to have a long, healthy, and successful relationship.

5. Be playful

Playful couples who regularly experience enjoyment, amusement, and pleasure, in a romantic relationship are less stressed. Do fun activities together, even ones that are not considered “adult” to bring out your playful side. Having fun together is a key foundation of a successful relationship.

6. Appreciate your partner

Say through words and actions what you like about your partner. When you make your partner feel appreciated, they feel good and therefore experience less stress. Building a successful relationship isn’t just about the initial bonding or the “honeymoon phase”; it’s about encouraging and supporting each other in order to lessen the stress that comes along with life.

7. Strive for equality

We live in a modern society where equality is vital to a healthy relationship. Strive for a fair division of household tasks, and other duties, in order to prevent stress from accumulating on one side of the partnership.


We are learning more and more how strong relationships are as good for us as exercise, vegetables and proper sleep and hydration. We hope these 7 tips can help you strengthen your relationship so that it can be a key player to help you combat stress.


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