Mirror, mirror on the wall: Step it up in love for massive success in business


You’ve heard the saying, “How we do one thing is how we do everything.”

Let’s talk about what that really means when it comes to love and your business.

One of the most common questions I hear is, “How do I deal with my negative partner?”

That question comes from those of you who are savvy enough to even be asking it.

(There are plenty of others who are just avoiding the problem all together.)

You might think that if your partner was just more positive, everything would be easier.

Perhaps you’d have his “permission” to invest in your business, you’d feel less stressed out about what lies ahead for you, and you’d be more optimistic about achieving your next level of success.

Truth is, that’s a load of crap.

If his negativity is triggering you that much, he’s reflecting something right back at you.

Perhaps that reflection is exaggerated like in a circus mirror when it’s shined back at you, but it’s undeniable.

Instead of getting sucked into that black hole of angst and doubt, and spinning along with him in that negative spiral (because it can be compelling), say THANK YOU to him for the reflection.

Ask yourself about what you are seeing in the mirror.

Do you have doubts about your own potential?

Are you scared you can’t make the next leap in your business?

Do you worry on some level that he’s right, that everything sucks and has to be hard?

Dig deep and find the gold in the reflection.

And then use it to fuel your success. Because if he’s reflecting something back at you that you don’t like, your business must be too.

Remember, how we do one thing is how we do everything.

Allow the process in your relationship to help you recognize what you need to shift within.

Do you need to start taking yourself more seriously as a business owner? (If you feel like you need his permission to do anything, the answer is yes.)

Could you use a little more belief in yourself?

Do what it takes to make the shift you need.

Get more support, do some personal reflection, consult with a colleague, do whatever it takes.

Then step it up with your partner and shine that different reflection back.

Not only will it quiet the negativity, but it will also help you step it up in your business as well, whatever that means for you.

(For example: setting better boundaries with your clients, owning your worth, fearlessly following up, becoming more diligent with time management, taking yourself seriously and investing in yourself…I could go on…)

Remember: Thank your partner for the reflection.

For showing you what you didn’t see about yourself.

Then do something about it.

Your business and your relationship will thank you.

Let me know in the comments what YOU need to do to step it up in love & business.

Cheers, as always, to massive success in business and love,


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